Jan Steffen König

German and European Patent-, Trademark- and Design Attorney
Profiting from more than 19 years experience in the patent business, I'm specialized in the prosecution of patent, trademarks and designs, and in services in the field of litigation. Constantly keeping the efficiency of internal workflows and external strategies in mind, enables me to provide a comprehensive high quality
service at a competetive price-performance ratio
for my clients and partners.

Before going to university I succesfully finished an apprenticeship as a carpenter. During that time I gained deep insights in various construction materials and the usage and maintainance

of various electromechanical tools.

Study of physics
I studied physics at the Technical University of Munich in the field of astro-particels. The development and construction of semiconductor sensors, deep temperatur physics, and
building a neutron shield at the Gran Sasso
Laboratory in Italy were
parts of my studies.
Student employee
Already during my studies I started working for a small, but fast growing patent law firm in Munich. There I wrote little Apps, so called macros, in VBA and integrated them into Office Word
and Office Excel. These Apps were designed to support
the office organisation and to automize workflows of
paralegals and attorneys in order to increase their
efficiency. Further I already got taught drafting
patent applications and office
action responses.
After getting my diploma in physics I started as a patent candidate at the - now middle sized - patent law firm I was already working for. At that time I already did more than 20 patent applications
and even more office action responses, while further
increasing the law firms efficiency by providing
corresponding Apps.
After becoming a German patent attorney, I decided to spent some years as a freelancer in order to get as much experience as possible from different mentors, law firms, and in different technical fields, having already in mind to start my own
business one day. So, for about 5 years, I worked for 7
patent law firms in total gaining deep insights in most
different working styles, patent strategies
and technical fields.
At the end of my time as a freelancer I started to work for a middle sized international patent law firm in Munich, in which I became a partner after two years. During my time as a partner I was more and more involved in the office organisation, oral proceedings, opposition proceedings, and litigation.
Founder of Your-IP.expert
At January 1, 2021, I founded the IP law firm Your-IP.expert in Munich. In addition to providing the common services of a
patent law firm, I am looking forward to also assist clients
in increasing their efficiency by providing my experience
in that field, e.g. by providing and customizing
the Apps I already wrote.
Cooperation with Qip
Shortly after the kick off of my own law firm I started a close cooperation with Qip in Munich. Qip is a relative young but
already well established patent law firm with interesting
national and international clients. Together we are able
to pool our strengths in order to even further improve
our services for our clients. We are curious about
the future and the fruits of our cooperation.
Physics, Automotive Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Semiconductors, Electrical Engineering, Aerospace
Engineering, Medical Devices, Mechatronics,
Consumer Goods, Software, and more...
Patent applications, Office action responses, Analysing and commenting office actions and prior art, conducting
opposition proceedings, filing and defending of
trademarks, and designs.
Drafting nullity suits, analyzing prior art, developing argumentation strategies, and more...
Consulting, Providing and customizing Apps for automazing work flows, Speech Recognition, ergonomic workspace, etc.
I gain my motivation from the satisfaction and success of my clients. Feel free to contact
me for a free initial consultation.
+49 177 3516130
koenig@your-ip.expert, or
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